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Loft Conversions in Bath

Bath is a beautiful city in the South West of England which is well known for its hot springs and Roman baths. The Romans built a spa in the city in AD70 and named it Aquae Sulis, dedicated to the Goddess Sulis.

Bath is famous for its Georgian architecture; the typical Bath building is tall and relatively thin and utilises the height of the building.

Loft conversions in Bath are the perfect way to both add more space and also increase the value of your property. Many of these buildings have large lofts that would have previously been used by servants. These are generally easier to convert than lofts that have not been designed to be accessible.

If your house is listed then you may need consent to alter the roof space and timbers, the floor below and the outside of the roof. Contact the local planning authority for Bath for advice on whether your home is suitable for a loft conversion: www.bathnes.gov.uk[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]