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Expert Advice on Loft Conversions

It was a pleasure to be able to contribute to a recently published article on the ‘Ideal Home’ website.

Loft conversions have always been an excellent way to maximise the space and potential of your property but the initial planning of the project can seem daunting.

This excellent article, with contributions from a number of experts in the industry, sets out many of the areas that are worth considering before and during the process.

Loft Living have been asked to contribute to another article that will be published later this year in Ideal Home.

Loft Living offer the South West’s premier loft conversion service. With over 10 years of experience we offer a bespoke, personal service from initial conception through to completion. Contact us for a free quotation for loft conversions in the South West.


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design & build service in the West Country

Most well established companies, like Loft Living, have noticed increased headwinds over the course of 2023 leading into 2024.

The endless supply of bad news from major outlets has dampened confidence, compounded by an environment of high inflation and high interest rates. To navigate these uncertain times, Loft Living are endeavouring to ensure that their service levels remain as high as ever, focussing on key areas:


Over the years Loft Living have offered ground floor extension building services to clients we have previously undertaken loft conversions for.

As of 2024, Loft Living will be offering a complete Design & Build service for ground floor extensions in the Bath and surrounding area.

We are looking forward to working with new clients on their upcoming projects.

Fixed Price Contracts

A consistent Loft Living offering. From the very start Loft Living have offered Fixed Price Contracts. Knowing exactly what you will pay offers our clients a peace of mind that many of our competitors simply can’t.

Fully Employed Carpentry Team

Another reason to use Loft Living is that we never subcontract out the work to the lowest bidder. Our fully employed carpentry team ensure a dedicated build-team throughout your project.

A Focus on Delivering High-Quality Work

Loft Living are preparing to ‘double down’ on their commitment to offering the highest quality design & build service in the West Country.

Our commitment to providing the best service possible for our clients coupled with our inherent culture of adaptability within the organisation, responding quickly to changing market conditions, will allow us to navigate these challenging times.

Contact us today to discuss your design & build project in the south west and receive a free quotation.

Loft Living design & build ground floor extensions in Bath and the surrounding area. We also offer the South West’s premier loft conversion service. With over 10 years of experience we offer a bespoke, personal service from initial conception through to completion. Contact us for a free quotation for ground floor extensions and loft conversions in the South West.

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Payment options for a loan conversion

Loft conversions are a great way to make the most of your space. They can be used as extra bedrooms, offices and playrooms; or even as a home office.

Paying for a loft conversion can be a significant financial investment, and there are several payment options to consider. The best option for you will depend on your financial situation and preferences. Here are some common payment options for a loft conversion.

1. Savings

If you have sufficient savings, paying for your loft conversion upfront is the most straightforward option.

2. Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

If you have built up equity in your home, you can consider taking out a home equity loan. These options allow you to borrow against the value of your home and typically offer lower interest rates.

3. Personal Loan

You can apply for a personal loan from a bank or a financial institution. Personal loans typically have fixed interest rates and a set repayment schedule. Be sure to compare interest rates and terms from different lenders to find the best option.

4. Remortgaging

You could consider remortgaging your home to release equity for the loft conversion. This option can provide a lump sum of money, but it will increase your mortgage debt.

5. Combination of Methods

You can also use a combination of the above methods to fund your loft conversion. For example, you could use savings for a portion and a personal loan for the rest.

Before making a decision, it’s advisable to consult with a financial advisor to determine the most suitable payment option for your loft conversion project.

Contact us today on 01225 432 317 for a free quotation for your loft conversion project.

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loft living conversions bristol

A fixed price quotation for a loft conversion offers several benefits for homeowners. Here are some key advantages:

    1. Budget Certainty: With a fixed price quotation, you have a clear understanding of the total cost of the loft conversion project. This helps you plan your finances more effectively and prevents any unexpected or hidden costs from arising during the construction process.
    2. Avoidance of Cost Overruns: Fixed price quotations typically include a detailed breakdown of the work to be done and the associated costs. This allows you to have better control over your expenses and minimizes the risk of cost overruns. The contractor is responsible for managing the project within the agreed-upon budget.
    3. Transparency and Accountability: By providing a fixed price, the contractor is accountable for delivering the loft conversion within the specified budget. This encourages transparency and fosters a higher level of trust between the homeowner and the contractor.
    4. Reduced Stress: Knowing the exact cost of the loft conversion upfront can alleviate financial stress and uncertainty. You can plan and prepare accordingly, ensuring that you have the necessary funds available without having to worry about unexpected increases in expenses.
    5. Comparison of Quotes: A fixed price quotation allows you to easily compare different contractors’ proposals based on cost and scope of work. This enables you to make an informed decision by evaluating the pricing and services offered by different providers.
    6. Simplified Contractual Agreement: A fixed price quotation simplifies the contractual agreement between you and the contractor. It clearly outlines the scope of work, materials to be used, and the cost, making it easier to establish a mutual understanding and avoid
    7. Incentive for Efficiency: Since the contractor has agreed to a fixed price, they have an incentive to complete the loft conversion efficiently and within the agreed-upon timeframe. This can result in smoother project management and timely completion.

A detailed contract and open communication are essential to ensure a successful project outcome. At Loft Living we pride ourselves on a personal approach that offers the utmost confidence that what we quote is what you pay!

Contact us today and arrange for a free, no obligation quotation.

Loft Living offer a premier loft conversion service throughout the South West; including Chippenham, Corsham, Bath, Bristol, Keynsham and Trowbridge. We also operate further afield.

If you are looking to add value to your property or maximise your space, contact us today. With over 10 years of experience, we offer a bespoke, personal service from initial conception through to completion.

add value with a loft conversion

Yes, a loft conversion can generally add value to your home. It is considered one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to increase the usable space and potentially increase the market value of a property. Here are a few reasons why a loft conversion can add value:

  1. Additional living space: By converting your loft into a usable room, such as a bedroom, office, or playroom, you effectively increase the total living space in your home. This is attractive to potential buyers or tenants who are looking for more space.
  2. Improved functionality: A well-designed loft conversion can enhance the functionality of your home. It can provide extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or even a home office, which can be highly desirable features for buyers.
  3. Avoiding the need to move: Some homeowners consider moving to a larger property when they require more space. However, a loft conversion can provide a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to stay in your current home and meet your changing needs.
  4. Increased market appeal: Properties with loft conversions often stand out in the market, as they offer something unique and desirable. The added space and versatility can attract more potential buyers or tenants, leading to increased interest and competition.
  5. Return on investment: While the exact value added to your home will depend on various factors such as location, size of the conversion, and overall property market conditions, studies have shown that a loft conversion can provide a good return on investment. It is generally considered one of the most valuable home improvements in terms of cost versus added value.

It’s always a good idea to consult with local estate agent professionals or property appraisers who can provide more specific insights based on your location and property type.

Contact us to find out more and to receive a free quotation.

loft conversion design and build

Using a design and build company for a loft conversion can offer several benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Streamlined Process: Design and build companies handle the entire project from start to finish, combining the design and construction phases into a single process. This streamlines the project and ensures better coordination between the design team and construction team, leading to a more efficient and timely completion of the loft conversion.
  2. Single Point of Responsibility: By working with Loft Living, you have a single point of contact and responsibility for the entire project. This simplifies communication, eliminates potential conflicts between different contractors, and reduces the stress and time spent coordinating various parties involved in the project.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Loft Living have inhouse designers and construction professionals. This integrated approach results in cost savings as the company can optimize the design to fit your budget, avoid expensive design revisions, and streamline the construction process, reducing overall project costs.
  4. Time Savings: The design and build approach can save significant time compared to the traditional design-bid-build method. With a design and build company, the design and construction teams work together from the beginning, allowing for concurrent work. This eliminates the need for design revisions, bidding processes, and lengthy contract negotiations, resulting in faster project completion.
  5. Design Expertise: Loft Living has experienced designers who specialize in loft conversions. We offer creative and functional design solutions tailored to your needs, maximizing the use of space, optimizing natural light, and ensuring the design complies with building regulations.
  6. Quality Assurance: Loft Living takes responsibility for the entire project, including quality control. We have a vested interest in delivering a successful project as our reputation is at stake. With a dedicated team overseeing both the design and construction, we work hard to maintain quality standards throughout the project.
  7. Reduced Stress and Hassle: Loft conversions can be complex and involve various parties, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers. By working with a design and build company, you can delegate the management of these parties to the company, reducing your stress and hassle. They handle permits, inspections, and any unforeseen issues that may arise during the project, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life.
  8. Contact us to find out more.

attic conversion somerset

There are several options available for financing a loft conversion in the UK. Here are some common ones:

  1. Personal Savings: Using your own savings is the most straightforward way to finance a loft conversion. If you have enough funds saved up, you can use them to cover the costs without incurring any debt or interest charges.
  2. Re-mortgaging: If you have built up equity in your home, you may consider re-mortgaging to release some of that equity. This involves refinancing your existing mortgage and borrowing additional funds based on the increased value of your property. You will need to consult with a mortgage advisor to determine if this option is viable for you.
  3. Home Improvement Loans: Many lenders offer specific loans for home improvements, including loft conversions. These loans are typically unsecured, meaning they don’t require collateral, but interest rates may be higher compared to secured loans. It’s important to shop around and compare different loan options to find the most favourable terms.
  4. Home Equity Loan: Another option is to take out a home equity loan, also known as a second mortgage. This involves borrowing against the equity you have in your property. The loan amount is typically based on the difference between the current value of your home and the amount you still owe on your mortgage. Interest rates for home equity loans tend to be lower than unsecured loans, but you are putting your property at risk if you fail to repay the loan.
  5. Personal Loans: If you have a good credit score, you may be eligible for a personal loan from a bank or other financial institution. Personal loans are unsecured and can be used for various purposes, including home improvements. Interest rates and repayment terms will vary depending on the lender and your creditworthiness.
  6. Government Grants and Schemes: Depending on your location and circumstances, there may be government grants or schemes available to assist with home improvements. These programs often have specific eligibility criteria and may target certain groups, such as low-income households or energy efficiency improvements. Research local government initiatives or consult with relevant authorities to explore potential options.

At Loft Living we offer our Customers ‘Fixed Price Quotes’ for a period of 90 days and so no matter which finance route you ultimately decide to take, you know exactly where you stand with no hidden extras. Contact us to find out more.

loft living loft conversions south west

At Loft Living we appreciate the decision to have your loft converted is a big one that involves significant expenditure. Whilst the cost is often justified in terms of an overall addition to the value of your property (please see our blog on adding value to your home through a loft extension), it is none the less a process that can seem daunting.

In this blog we aim to remove some of the mystery by outlining what to expect when converting your loft.

  • A quote for a loft conversion: Our advice is be wary of the ‘Yes Men’ and always get more than one. Each loft conversion is bespoke and the nuances of having your loft converted can only really be addressed by experienced loft conversion professionals. Upon receiving your call back request Loft Living make an appointment to visit your property, discuss your requirements, offer frank advice on what is feasible, measure up and ultimately produce a CAD based design, detailed specification sheet and of course a guaranteed, fixed price quotation to undertake the work. This service is FREE, consultative and designed to ensure that the plans we produce accurately reflect our customer’s requirements.
  • What about planning permission for loft conversions? Enquiring, negotiating and ultimately obtaining planning permission is a process that can leave the uninitiated feeling lost and frustrated. Fortunately, for Loft Living customers we remove this stressful element of the process. We offer a complete ‘turn-key’ operation from initial quote to the finished job and should planning permission be required we undertake to complete all submissions and negotiations, acting on behalf of our customers.
  • How disruptive will a loft conversion be? The truth is that a contemporary loft conversion which meets current UK building regulations is a significant addition to your property and you should expect some disruption. Beware of anyone who tells you differently. At Loft Living we minimise this intrusion as much as possible, at all times. Throughout the lifecycle of any job, all of our tradesmen, material deliveries and inspections gain access to your property via scaffolds, through a hatch we construct in your roof. Until we are at the stage of installing your new staircase there is a minimal need for our teams to ever enter your home. This has the obvious benefit of preventing your house from becoming a tramway whilst allowing you to go about your daily lives without hindrance. The stage at which we fit the staircase leading to your new loft (normally 2 weeks before the end of the project) is perhaps the point at which Customers become a little more sensitive to the scale of the work that is taking place, particularly as we begin plastering. Our dedicated Project Managers work with our Customers to ensure that we are in constant communication regarding your jobs progress and schedule. There are no surprises with Loft Living.
  • What can I expect from my loft conversion? Loft Living will leave you with a new space that meets all current UK building and fire regulations. Our quotations allow for a plastered finish that is ready to decorate. If your design incorporates a bathroom we will allow to fit sanitary-ware but as standard we do not allow to supply sanitary-ware as this often falls to personal choice and budget. As standard we leave customers with a chip board floor, ready to carpet but this of course can be altered to meet our customer’s requirements.

In summary, we hope that this frank and honest article allows a brief insight into what you can expect when converting your loft. Loft Living look to make the entire process as easy as possible for our customers using highly skilled tradespeople and through open and regular communication.

We hope you have found it useful but should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to make contact and one of the Loft Living team will be happy to help.

bedroom space loft conversion bath

For years now, property owners have been looking to add value to their houses. Works have ranged from redecoration or changing the front door to new kitchens, bathrooms or larger scale extensions.

Loft conversions are now considered the best way of adding value to your property. In most cases the conversion will pay for itself in value added. A gain in value of 20% is not uncommon.

Not everyone is looking to add value and the new space, whatever it is to be used for will improve your lifestyle.

Many people choose to increase the square footage of their property by adding conservatories or extensions. Although this often a great way to add space and improve the look of the property, it does use up valuable outside space and often part of the garden or driveway is sacrificed.

The great thing with a loft conversions is that the space is already there so you are adding to you square footage without taking anything away. Furthermore, most extensions will require planning permission. A loft conversion can often be completed without the need for lengthy and costly planning applications.

Here are Loft Living, we pride ourselves in our upfront and honest approach. Our experts will listen to your individual requirements and advise you how to best achieve the desired results. So why not give us a call today and take us up on our free, no obligation site survey and fixed price quotation.

Don’t just take our word for it either. Have a look at the link below.


Contact us today and arrange for a free, no obligation quotation.

Loft Living offer a premier loft conversion service throughout the South West; including Chippenham, Corsham, Bath, Bristol, Keynsham and Trowbridge. We also operate further afield.

If you are looking to add value to your property or maximise your space, contact us today. With over 10 years of experience, we offer a bespoke, personal service from initial conception through to completion.


loft living bedroom

It is with great pleasure that Loft Living announce the launch of their new website.

Working closely with the London based web design agency, The Deep Design Company, we looked to develop a contemporary feel to the site that reflects the modern and uncluttered approach we have to attic or loft conversions and business in general. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the results.

Offering direct calls to action, the new look website offers not only a simple-to-use platform for our customers but will also soon become a valuable source of information for anyone considering extending into their roof.

At every turn you will be invited to ‘Contact Us‘. This deliberate design feature is borne of our fundamental belief that once you have spoken to the team at Loft Living, you’ll begin to understand that we set our standards higher than any of our competitors.

Moving beyond the now standard offerings that you might find on our competitors sites, we will very shortly be adding elements to our site that prove the forward thinking ambitions of Loft Living. We appreciate in an industry where trust comes at a premium, we need to be going the extra mile for our customers. Contact us today and begin to realise that ‘discovering your hidden spaces’ isn’t that scary after all.